Use The New 3.7 Core Joomla Content Manager For Any Website Type

With this CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin for Joomla Content, a Joomla website owner will be able to Easily format and style Joomla content categories and articles without ever editing any template code. Also insert Video playlist, Audio playlist, Poll, Google map, Chat room, PayPal cart, Social media feed, and Joomla custom fields, while posting an article. Optimize and maximize each article page without moving back and forth between components to prepare content. Insert captivating and relative multi-media objects on-the-fly to keep your viewers hooked.

Inserting preset layout shortcode is very simple point and click

With the new Joomla 3.7 Custom Fields and CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin, you can turn your Joomla website into a Real Estate Listing, Business Directory, Events Listing and Ticket Sales, Portfolio, Product Catalog, Video Gallery, Internet Radio with Live Chatroom and just about any website type imaginable. All with ONLY the core Joomla Content Manager component. No need for multiple third party extensions.

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Easily re-arrange the data objects of a Joomla article category blog view.

Make each category serve many purposes. All with intuitive shortcodes. It works with ANY template.




Unlimited formatting control with data object shortcodes

Easily arrange an article or category blog globally by placing shortcodes at any position. All meta objects are separated as individual objects that can be placed anywhere. A single post can be loaded with excess media to keep a viewer hooked for hours. See a page already over loaded.


[image] [title] [text] [audioplayer] [chatroom] [paypalcart] [poll] [googlemap] Saturday, 10 June 2017 16:31

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[vote] 2118 views [insert module="167"] [facebookpage] [twitterpage] [introtext] [comment]

Joomla Custom Fields Global Inserts

When using Joomla custom fields, insert them globally per category with shortcodes: Single field without label [insert field="3"] Multiple fields with labels [insert fields="3,4,5,6"]. This is not the same as inserting into articles with the Joomla content shortcode. While com_fields does have a position option, the CMSE method provides great flexibility.

Use accordion shortcode to reduce visual clutter

Wrap accordion function around single or grouped objects to reduced visual clutter. See the function.

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