Regardless of the medium one chooses to execute marketing efforts, there will be idiotic hate filled opponents who will spread lies to tear you down. Just ignore them! They waste years building up forum post counts in excess of 10,000 (What-tha-fuck?) and live a worthless life. Haters are confirmation that you have a very great product!

Many WordPress 'webmasters' sell their 'clients' on the usage of WordPress because it has much more FREE extensions than any other website management systems, and while that's true, it is also the main weakness. The old adage "there is no free lunch" applies. There are numerous free WordPress plugins that are injected with 'backdoor' access coding to allow the developer easy entry to the user's database or to the file manager, and unless they do something really drastic to expose their presence, none of the 200k users of the free plugin will ever know that someone is scalping valuable data from their site ie: user email and personal data, stored credit cards, company secrets etc.

Case in point:

There is the very excellent plugin called Display Widgets by which allows the user to determine which pages specific widgets should display, because the default function of widget publishing is on every possible page, and there is no core method to define pages where a widget must not be shown. For this reason, over 200k WordPress websites have actively been using the superb plug, without issues. The problem started when the developer sold the plugin to someone in May 2017, possibly because there was no donation being given to help them maintain the script. The buyer then added backdoor access coding and released it as an update with versioning 2.7.0 which notified the 200k users who naturally just applied the update, as expected by the malicious devs. Luckily the hack was detected in June 2017 and the WP repository was notified, so they removed it from their list and suggested that users should delete it. The developer however has released his original version 2.0.5 and if you have 2.7 installed, there should be a notice to update and when you do, it will revert to the cleaned 2.0.5, so it's Ok to continue usage of Display Widgets plugin.

The above circumstance is not isolated. There are thousands of FREE WordPress plugins that are malware, though distributed via the WP repo, and while a commercial plugin could have malshit included, it is less likely because the dev wants to keep their name clean.

The point being, buy the damn extension to be safe!

Sunday, 11 September 2016 07:15

Reset Joomla Super Admin Password Remotely

Sometimes a Joomla Super User just completely forgets the username and/or password, and anxiety sets in because there is no simple way to reset. This form will ease the stress, tho' it does require knowledge of the database connection values ie: Hostname, Database name, Database user name, Database user password and the prefix used by the tables. If those values are not known but one has access to the website files, the values can be found in the root file named configuration.php.

While getting the data from the file may pose a challenge (for some), it is way less frightening than to manually run an SQL query or use the tools in the host control panel's database manager.


Stuff to note

  • This form is not a Joomla extension so do not try to install it.
  • It will not create a user.
  • It will not delete a user.
  • It does not run any elaborate queries to confirm email existence. You must know the email used for the account to change. If the email address is incorrect, the process will not know that and simply confirm the database connection, but will not make any database update. If your login fails, it just means the email was wrong and you should run the process again.


  • It is a single php file that must be placed, via FTP, in the hosting space where the Joomla website is installed.
  • Run the file using the browser by entering the website URL eg:
  • Get the database values from configuration.php. Just get the string between the single quotes.
public $host = 'localhost';
public $user = 'mysite_dbuser';
public $password = 'u6yrtHfg#fd';
public $db = 'mysite_dbname';
public $dbprefix = 'nij_';
  • Delete the file from your host after use.




joomla user reset


What's in the file


if( isset($_POST['dbhost']) && isset($_POST['dbuser']) && isset($_POST['dbname']) ) {

	if( isset($_POST['dbprefix']) ) $dbtbl = $_POST['dbprefix'].'users';
	if( isset($_POST['username']) ) $username = '"'.$_POST['username'].'"';
	if( isset($_POST['password']) ) $password = '"'.MD5($_POST['password']).'"';
	if( isset($_POST['usereml']) ) $usereml = '"'.$_POST['usereml'].'"';

	$dbconnect	= new mysqli($_POST['dbhost'], $_POST['dbuser'], $_POST['dbpwd'], $_POST['dbname']);
	$query = "UPDATE $dbtbl SET username = $username, password = $password WHERE email = $usereml";

	if ($dbconnect->connect_errno) {
		echo '<p style="color:red">DB connection failed: ('.$dbconnect->connect_errno.') '.$dbconnect->connect_error.'<br>The database username and/or password may be incorrect</p>';
	if( isset($_POST['usereml']) ) {
		if( $dbconnect->query($query) === TRUE ) {
			$result = '<p class="success">The connection was successful and the Query ran, 
			however you should try the login to confirm that the change was made. 
			If you entered the wrong email address no change will occur.</p>';



<!DOCTYPE html>
body {font-family: verdana; font-size: 13px; padding: 0 50px 50px;}
a {text-decoration: none; color: #b22525; font-weight: 900;}
input {display: block; border: 1px solid #bbbbbb; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 5px;}
.notice {background: #ddf7ff; padding: 8px;}
.notice-alert {background: #ffdde1; padding: 8px; font-size: 28px; text-align: center; color: #ce0100; font-weight: 900;}
.success {background: #f1ffdb; padding: 8px;}
input[type="submit"] {cursor: pointer;}
.footnote {text-align: center; background: #f2f2f2; padding: 5px;}


<form action="" method="post">
<p class="notice">The purpose of this tool is to <b>reset the uername and password for a Joomla user</b>.<br />
&bull; It does not check for user level so it will change the details for the user that matches the email address inserted.<br />
&bull; It does not do an elaborate check to confirm that the email matches any in the database so you need to know the correct email, 
or confirm after the process if the username and password were updated</p>

<p class="notice-alert">It is absolutely important that you delete this file after use</p>

<?php echo $result; ?>

<h3>Database Connection Values</h3>
Host*<br /><small>The common host is 'localhost' but some servers may differ. <input type="text" name="dbhost" size="40" value="localhost" required="required" />
Database name* <input type="text" name="dbname" size="40" value="" required="required" />
Table prefix* <input type="text" name="dbprefix" size="40" value="" required="required" placeholder="hgy_" />
DB User* <input type="text" name="dbuser" size="40" value="" required="required" />
DB Pwd <input type="text" name="dbpwd" size="40" value="" />
<hr />
<h3>Username and Password reset</h3>
Existing user email*<br /><small>This must be the existing email address of the user whose details will be changed</small> <input type="text" name="usereml" size="40" value="" required="required" placeholder="" />
New Username*<br /><small>Enter the existing username to retain it</small> <input type="text" name="username" size="40" value="" required="required" />
New Password* <input type="text" name="password" size="40" value="" required="required" />
<input type="submit" value="Reset User Login Details" />

<p class="footnote"><a href=""></a></p>


Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:58

gospel jam

gospel jam audio player

Monday, 09 October 2017 23:31

Get K2 Item Elements In RSFormPro Fields

There are very good reasons why one may need to collect data from a K2 page such as Item ID, Page Title, Page Alias, Page URL, Author, blah blah, in order to autofill fields within a RSFormPro form. Thanks to the excellent programming skills of the developers at RS Joomla, it's quite simple to achieve with Joomla's excellent framework hooks.

This manual Joomla update process refers to Joomla 3+


Sometimes the Joomla update component does not complete the process for a variety of reasons, the main one being incomplete file extraction or file overwrite. When it happens, it's time for the manual method. If you have already run the Joomla Update component and now have a broken website, skip to the end of this guide and restore your site with that method. You could do the update process without reverting, but if the problem is caused by an incompatible extension, it will still exist to cause breakage. Reverting just allows admin access to update or disable extensions.

We offer free Joomla update service. If you prefer to take advantage of the offer, submit the form below. There is no fee because we complete the process successfully within 5 minutes. It is solely about building business relations.

[insert module="169"]

Manual Update Steps

  1. Update all your extensions. If you have extensions that cannot be updated due to expired subscription or otherwise, disable them and after the update, enable each individually to ensure compatibility.
  2. Make a back up of your existing Joomla website files and folders.
  3. Copy the postupdate.php code written by Joomla lead team developer, Michael Babker, and create a php file named postupdate.php and upload via FTP to your hosting web root to the Joomla /administrator folder.

    The file is already created for easy download here. It is a .zip file so you need to extract it after upload.
  4. Download the Joomla 3.8.1 stable update package -
  5. Upload the .zip package via FTP to your hosting root where your Joomla website is installed eg public_html or www or htdocs or any other folder name used by your website host provider.
  6. Extract the .zip package using your web host control panel zip extraction tool. If a message asks to confirm file overwrite, choose YES
  7. Run the postupdate.php file by going to

    Do not close your browser or navigate away from the page during the process. Though it may seem to lag, just be patient and wait for the confirmation message. In some cases based on some earlier Joomla versions, language error message may appear and even a php class missing error may display at the end of the process. Fear not! Just do the next step.
  8. Delete the postupdate.php file when done and go to your admin login.

Restoring your site if update failed

If the process fails (it never does) or you already ran Joomla Update component and your site broke, you can easily restore your site with the back up you made or just download the full package of the version you had before the update effort and upload and unzip/extract the package in the Joomla web root and delete the installation folder after the extraction. Restart the process!


A Visual Guide

This guide uses CPanel


Joomla Manual Update Request

Invalid Input

Invalid Input

Website URL*
Invalid Input

Current Joomla Version In Use*
Invalid Input

Monday, 05 October 2015 17:17

Joomla Pagination Override

Method to override Joomla default pagination

Saturday, 30 September 2017 04:03

Audio Player Plus Show Current Host On Air



Boost Your Website Visitor Retention With An Internet Radio Player!

This module will display an audio player and the current show host on air, along with their photo, show title and the host's name. The player can be fixed to the foot of the browser window or display in any position. A playlist can be assigned. Just grab live stream URLs from the list below and make your site a hang out for your visitors.

[tab Features]
  • Play local or remote MP3 audio file
  • Play internet radio stream RTMP or MP3
  • Show details of current show host on air
  • Option to remove entire player when now scheduled slot is available
  • Enter multiple audio items to create a playlist
  • Fix the player to the foot of the browser window or place in any position
  • Display date and clock
  • Option to set and enable a popup window to play while browsing
  • Include a live chat room in popup window
  • Include other modules by using [loadmodule] shortcode
  • Styling options to alter the appearance and behavior
[tab Changelog]

1.0.2 - 10/2017

  • Added ticker type function for ad banners or text
  • Added tool tip function to display show host big image and show playlist
  • Added various language lines
  • CSS file edits
  • Re order some php methods

1.0.4 - 10/10/2017

  • Corrected duplicate image display when time slot is used in position display
  • Added CSS to organize the image display when time slot is used in position display.



Grab internet radio stream Urls and create your playlist

[tab Jazz]
Station NameStream URL
Smooth Jazz NYC
Jazz and Lounge
Big Blue Swing;
Indie Jaz Mix;
Smooth Jazz Florida;
Smooth Jazz Tampa
Smooth Jazz CD101.9 New York;
Smooth Jazz Oasis
Love Radio 93.9
[tab Country]
Station NameStream URL
Party Vibe Radio Country;
Heartland Public Radio;
Irish Country Music Radio;
Classic Country 1630;
New Country 93;
Country Radio Switzerland;
Radio Beausejour Inc.;
Nashville FM;
Country Music 24;
98.9FM Country;
[tab Reggae]
Station NameStream URL
Reggae, Roots, Dancehall;
UK Vibes
FM Jamaica Radio
Vybez Nation
Irie Sensation Radio;
UK Radio Online
Black and White Radio
Lion Paw Radio
Flamingo Radio
Rhythm City Radio

Often times when Joomla releases a new core update, there is some kinda error that just frustrates the shit out of any user. The ideal action is to wait about 10 days after an upgrade release to be sure that the shit is good! In cases where the update is security critical, go ahead and run that, though it may still cause pain.

The 3.8.0 release appears to be very buggy and numerous Joomla sites are crying foul right now because some shit has failed.

  • Template overrides for com_content/article which uses a custom file name, are not being recognized, so users have to rename their custom file to default.php
  • When adding new article, to a new category (doesn't occur with existing cats), a fat error pops up
    Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/gridlocc/public_html/administrator/components/com_categories/models/fields/categoryedit.php on line 281
    das some bullshit!
  • Some have complained about the Redirection component that it no longer does external redirect.

The occurrence of bugs after upgrade is not at all limited to Joomla, but Joomla has it often, kinda like Windows :)

One may need to block an IP address from all or specific pages for a variety of reasons, not necessarily related to malicious activity. This can be done within Joomla simply, and without hacking any core files.

Create A Plugin For The Job

A System plugin will serve best for the task because it is loaded globally, unless instructed otherwise.

1. Create the folder which will contain all the files and give it a relative name

2. Create the primary function file within the folder and keep the name similar to the folder for simplicity

<?php defined('_JEXEC') or die();
* @package      plg_system_the_ip_control
* @copyright   Copyright (C) All rights reserved.
* @license      GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see

class plgSystemThe_IP_Control extends JPlugin {

   public function onAfterInitialise() {
      //do not render the function in admin area
         return ;
      // define variable for use
      $currenturl   = JURI::getInstance()->toString();
      $getip       = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
      // get data entered in the IP text area
      $iplist    = explode( PHP_EOL, $this->params->get('ipblock') );
      // get data entered in the URL list text area
      $pages       = str_replace( PHP_EOL, '|', $this->params->get('pages') );

      // check data exist in the IP list text area and run
      if( !is_null($this->params->get('ipblock')) ) {
         // check what option the radio button is set on. either Block or Allow
         if( ($this->params->get('method') == 'block' && in_array($getip, $iplist)) ||
            ($this->params->get('method') == 'allow' && !in_array($getip, $iplist)) ) {
               if( preg_match('/'.$pages.'/', $currenturl) ) {
                  // send to the entered URL if all conditions are inline
                  header( 'Location: '.$this->params->get('redirect') );


3. Create the installer XML file within the folder and give it the same name as the function file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<extension version="3.7.0" type="plugin" group="system" method="upgrade">
   <name>System - The IP Control</name>
   <copyright>All Rights Reserved.</copyright>
   <license>license GNU/GPLv3</license>
   <description>Allow or Deny IP</description>
      <filename plugin="the_ip_control">the_ip_control.php</filename>
   <fields name="params">
      <fieldset name="basic">
         <field name="method" type="radio" class="btn-group btn-group-yesno" default="block" label="Method">
            <option value="block">Block</option>
            <option value="allow">Allow</option>
         <field type="spacer" label="Add IP addresses. 1 per line" />
         <field name="ipblock" type="textarea" rows="5" class="span8 monospace" label="IP Block List" />
         <field name="redirect" type="text" hint="" required="required" label="URL To Redirect" />
         <field type="spacer" label="Add matching URLs to allow or block. Can be all or part of a URL. 1 per line. Leave empty to affect the entire website" />
         <field name="pages" type="textarea" rows="5" class="span8 monospace" label="URLs" />


Compress the directory with the files as a .zip and install at your Joomla website
Go to Extensions > Plugins and use the filter type System
Enable the plugin and enter some data. Try your own IP to confirm functionality

The resulting options page

This configuration will allow only users coming in via the included IPs to view pages with url parts matching the strings shown.

ip block plugin

This configuration will block only users coming in via the included IPs from viewing pages with url parts matching the strings shown.

ip block plug in


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