Use The New 3.7 Core Joomla Content Manager For Any Website Type

When installed

The plugin will add a tab labeled CMSE Fields to the article tab set, a tab labeled CMSE Setup to the content configuration tab set and the menu item setup. Custom content (com_content) template override files will be added into the default front end template override directory. The files have custom name cmse.php so it will not overwrite any existing files.


Plugin Setup

There are some options to be set immediately after installation. Depending on your template or plugins, some functions may already exist.

The option to display the media object in frontend edit relates to public ans special groups. The Super Admin will have access to the fields at any end.



Set the Global Article Configuration

Select the CMSE template for the global article output file.



Menu Item Setting Method

If you prefer to keep your global setting with the default template or another you use, the CMSE article template can be set per menu item. Click the tab labeled CMSE Setup and choose CMSE fro the Article Layout Override field.



Content Configuration



Article Posting



Menu Item



Get The Plugin


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