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Setting Up Menu Item - Category Blog

Choose CMSE Blog as menu type



Setup the page

Open the Blog Layout tab and adjust the settings. The standard settings are at top. The CMSE Custom Formatting is below. Choose from aptly named preset formats and rearrange as desired, or format your own way. The format fields accept plain text and HTML so there is no limit of what can be placed on the category item list page. You can place objects you have only imagined before... and all without editing any file.



Those settings return the category page formatted as below

The shortcode [insert module="167"] represent the Joomla banner module, and when placed within the layout text area, random ads are inserted below each item. Very effective for marketing.


These shortcodes produce the below category layout




Category View In List Format

The Category List option is pretty much obsolete when using this CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin. To get the list view, simply choose the CMSE Blog, set Lead and it Intro Articles value to 0, then set the Links value as high as desired and use shortcodes to define the output. Now you get more than just the one line title.

This format outputs the second image.


See the page



More Category Layout Examples and Shortcode Methods


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