Increase Your Joomla Website Traffic And Revenue

Increase Your Joomla Website Traffic And Revenue

Maximize Each Joomla Article With Unlimited MultiMedia


Retain more visitors by easily loading each article/post with vast amount of multi-media content and interactive objects. Including:

  • Insert Video Playlist in articles. Supports videos from any video server
  • Insert Audio Playlist from local server or remote streaming source (internet radio)
  • Insert Live Chatroom in an article
  • Insert Poll in an article
  • Insert social sharing anywhere or multiple positions
  • Display author details with photo and link to all posts by author
  • Display related articles based on tags, with a pagination option
  • Insert PayPal Cart in articles
  • Insert Google Map in articles
  • Easily embed multiple instances of Twitter and Facebook page feeds
  • Easily embed Twitter and Facebook posts in articles
  • Add Facebook, Disqus comment or choose from others locally installed
  • Output custom fields values simply with a shortcode as [field="4"]
  • Unlimited formatting with shortcodes. Arrange data objects as desired

Optimize and maximize each article without moving back and forth between multiple components to prepare content. Insert captivating and relative multi-media objects on-the-fly to keep your viewers hooked.


Customize Category and Page Layout Without Editing Template Files

The plugin includes a function to allow easy alteration of the display within the category view and article item view, just by arranging intuitive shortcodes that relate to specific objects.

The shortcodes are identified by square brackets and logical text eg: [title] [image] [text] [author] [date] [hits] [tags] [vote] [category] and more. They are entered within textareas included in the global configuration and menu item override.

Default Joomla Category Blog And Article View

The default Joomla display is very limited and can only be altered by 1 or many override files which will make the template tedious to maintain and complex, and still limiting to what the override template was designed to show. There is no auto-readmore so an owner must always insert a read more plugin to limit the text for a neat output.


Category View - CMSE Custom Kit Category Formatting With Place Holders

With CMSE Custom Kit, formatting is simple and unlimited. This layout is achieved by setting the menu item type to CMSE Blog, then select a preset format and use as is or rearrange as desired. This example setup is

Lead Items

[div class="center"] [title] [/div] [mediatype] [image] [date] [author] [text]

Intro Items

[image] [title] [mediatype] [date] [author] [fbcommentcount]

Links Items

[linksimage] [title] [author] | [date] | [hits] views [field="2"]

Each category can now have totally different layout witrh new override files. Simply arrange the place holders in the order desired, and that is the layout you get.


Article View - CMSE Custom Kit Article Formatting With Place Holders

All the styles and formats are preset and easily selected and auto populated within the texarea. One can simply rearrange the placeholders to achieve alternative views. The preset style can be overridden by placing an override folder in the site's default template's HTML folder.


Output custom fields in custom layout

If you have a custom field with ID 5 and it outputs an email address, easily use any of the following methods to achieve different display options
[field="5"] will output
[field="5" label] output Email:
[field="5" contactform] output a form with fields Name, Email, Subject, Message


Featured data output functions


01 unlimited layout

  1. Article image, date created, author, category, tags and social share easily placed as a side bar of the article.
    [image] [date] [author] [category] [tags] socialshare]
  2. Insert related or any other article link with thumbnail within the text
    [article 12]
  3. Display author details with image, aboutme, website and link to all articles written by the author
  4. Second instance of social share buttons placed below text
    [ socialshare]
  5. Output related items by tags. Set maximum count and enable virtual pagination
  6. Insert comment form for Facebook, Disqus

CMSE Shortcode Editor Button To Insert Plugin Placeholders

This is an editor button that enables easy shortcode insertion into article textarea. Easily insert a block for related article, complete with the article image, title and link.


Location of the button

Default TinyMCE Editor


JCE Editor



  • Insert related article with image and title
  • Insert K2 related item (if K2 is installed)
  • Insert Simple Image Pro gallery and set parameters
  • Insert accordion content display
  • Insert tabbed content display
  • Insert Facebook post, page feed, comment
  • Insert Twitter post, page feed, comment
  • Insert Instagram post


CMSE Latest Article Module

This module is packed with features that will boost readership


  • Display articles as Latest Post, Featured Only, Date Published, Date Created, Most Viewed, Updated, Ascending or Descending order or Random
  • Choose articles from one or multiple categories
  • Select individual article items from various categories
  • Display article intro or fulltext image, or show a default image if neither are available
  • Resize images using the selectable range of JImage::SCALE_ functions
  • Display truncated text as intro text from the article
  • Display meta objects, author, published date, hits, comment count.
  • Display article Custom Fields to boost clicks.
  • Add and rearrange each data object with placeholders etc
  • Preset layout and styling, selectable by drop select field.
  • Item responsive slideshow with multiple transition effects. Swipe and drag capable.
  • Virtual Pagination to allow high volume item count while showing X amount per page.
  • Category blog emulation to show Lead, Items and title links
  • Insert HTML, modules or other plugin shortcodes after X count items to break
  • Add HTML or plain text above and below the module content
  • Insert content plugin shortcode to render any additional content (photo gallery, poll etc)
  • Copy style override to the default frontend template for easy alternate styling

Create Multiple Website Types With CMSE Custom Kit

Add Flexibility To Joomla Content

Using CMSE Custom Kit with the core Joomla content component, along with Joomla core custom fields, will allow for unlimited website types, without the need for complex third party components.

  • Blog/ News/ Magazine
  • Business Directory
  • Event Listing
  • Models Portfolio Listing
  • Product Catalog
  • Portfolio
  • Real Estate Listing
  • Classified Ads
  • Online Dating List
  • Job Listing


Minimum Requirement:

Joomla 3.6.x | PHP 5.4.x
Joomla 3.7.x required to use the com_fields integration

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