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While Posting An Article

The many media objects will almost guarantee viewer retention

See an article using the media objects to sell event tickets

Click the tab labeled CMSE Fields and prepare the media options. The advantage with this method is you don't need to move back and forth between third party components to prepare content then use plugin shortcodes to insert to the article. With CMSE Custom Fields, you easily prepare and insert the objects on the fly.

The video player will accept URLs from any video source that offers video embedding, and that's almost all video server. This mean content is endless so you can make a single article very intriguing to keep the viewer entertained.



Audio Player



PayPal Cart







Chatroom Object

A local AJAX chat application is included with the plugin package and can be enabled simply with the word local. This inserts the chatroom in the article. This is often desired by websites which broadcast internet radio. There is the option to use an external chat server by inserting the URL the service provided.



Google Map

To enable the map function just needs an address


Get The Plugin


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