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Parameter Settings


Styling params

Rounded Corners
Add a single number value for all corners to have the same rounded size. Add 4 number values with comma seperation to give each corner a different size.

Not all the skins show all the elements. Go through the list to see what is suitable for your needs.

Playlist Settings

Playlist Params


  • Single File - Enter the path to a file on your server or remotely at Youtube or another URL. Enter the file path in the Data For Play field.
  • Local Folder - This will automatically load all the media files from a local folder. Enter the folder path in the Data For Play field.
  • Youtube Query Options - Whichever option you choose you will need to enter the corresponding query in the Data For Play field below. eg:
    Youtube Member Channel is the username associated with the Youtube account
    Youtube Playlist is the number value produced when you create a playlist at Youtube. It looks like 22BED15956DBC5B7
    Youtube Category relates to the category names provided by Youtube and all must start with uppercase letter eg: Comedy, Entertainment etc
    Youtube Search String - this is just a single word or phrase which will return any video related.
  • Youtube Standard Feeds - This will return Youtube's pre-set video feeds which correspond with the Feed Type drop field. No data value can be entered in the Data For Play field for this type.



'file': 'images/stories/audio/video.flv',
'image': 'images/stories/image.jpg',
'title': 'The Video',
'description': 'This is the video made by the dude',
'author': 'Dave Zambisio',

Copy the code to the Custom Playlist textarea. Change the text in red to your details. Repeat the entire code after the ending comma as needed to add more entries hence creating a playlist.

'file' is the only mandatory element.


This method streams .MP3 online broadcasts
'file': ';stream.mp3',
'image': 'images/stories/image.jpg',
'title': 'The Big Online Radio Station',
'description': 'The radio for stuff',
'author': 'DJ Zesta',

This method to stream .FLV broadcast
'streamer': 'rtmp://',
'file': 'livestream.flv',
'image': 'images/stories/image.jpg',
'title': 'The Online TV Station',
'description': 'The station is on air',
'author': 'DJ Zesta',
For both methods you will need to get the URL from the streaming media provider. The MP3 or FLV filenames may differ but generally tend to be as shown.

CMS Energizing Extensions

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