• Remove The Article Id From Joomla Content Article Urls When Sef Is Enabled

    If your Joomla site is not equipped with a super SEO app that will strip away that very visible article ID: /34-the-great-article-title-alias, Joomla 3 does have a 'hidden' parameter to make the URL read as /the-great-article-title-alias, but it requires some effort, and is worth it. Once done, it's yours for…
  • Add Html Or Plain Text Above And Below Any Module

    One would be surprised at the added SEO value derived from even more relative text! That is the forever quest of every website owner, and as such, many constantly ask how they can add text below and / or after any module type, specifically that lil' one called mod_footer. While…
  • Avoid Pirated Extensions To Keep Your Joomla Website Safe

    Free copies of Joomla extensions that are normally commercially sold by hard working developers, will always be the weak point of your website. The people who offer commercial software as *free*, have inserted coding methods which will let the app 'call home' to let the hacker know what sites have…
  • The Art Of Marketing Within Discussion Forums

    Since 2000 the virtual gathering places for thousands of people have been discussion forums, and within those spaces, you have their undivided attention. Some are there to sell something, some are there because they have no real social life, and others are just trolling. One common factor among them all,…
  • Joomla Articles Module - Fully Loaded

    This is a modified clone of the core Joomla mod_articles_latest. The core module only delivers the linked title, but this clone does a whole lot more. The module uses the shortcode layout system which will allow data object formatting in many ways. Features Display article intro or fulltext image, or…
  • Use The New 3.7 Core Joomla Content Manager For Any Website Type

    With this CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin for Joomla Content, a Joomla website owner will be able to Easily format and style Joomla content categories and articles without ever editing any template code. Also insert Video playlist, Audio playlist, Poll, Google map, Chat room, PayPal cart, Social media…
  • Add Window Target Option Per Banner In Joomla Banner Manager Component

    Sometimes a user wants to set a specific banner to open in a different target window than what the module setting dictates, without having to create a whole other module just to open a single banner from the same category in a new window, when the module target is set…
  • Create A Custom Field Plugin For Joomla 3.7

    Joomla's 3.7 core custom field system has spawned a new series of extension development, and the forward thinking developers at Joomla have made it so simple, a Geico caveman could do it. The custom field plugin uses the JForm API so the standard Joomla field types as used in an…
  • Add Article Author Details To The Category List And Article Page

    Joomla has the greatest template override system among all the top CMS, but you won't know it if you don't use it. Adding an author's profile data to articles they wrote, is done simply. 1. Create A Layout Override Go to Extensions > Templates Click the name of your default…
  • Add A Permanent Joomla Article Search Field In Administration Area

    Being able to search for Joomla content articles while in any area of the Joomla administration area, will boost the speed of article edit. This guide will show how to add an article search field to the head area. The Method Make a duplicate of the default admin template Edit…
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We are still in the process of adding extensions to the download repository. The old extensions have been rewritten to function with Joomla 2.5.x and some for Joomla 3.0.x. Each item will indicate its compatibility with the familiar icon from Joomla Extension Directory.

New extensions have been developed and will be published once deemed stable. If you still want the old J1.5 files then you can download them as a single batch file for a limited time.

All the extensions will now be Non-Commercial or in layman's term, free! Why? We would like to say because we won the Lottery but that wouldn't be true. We just figured $5 for limitless access was next to free so free it be, and we have to focus on the guys buying our Website Packages who tend to get priority and all out time.

In the next few days we will be editing our listings at the Joomla Extension Directory to indicate Non-Commercial and update those which have been archived in the J1.5 area.

The support forum has been laid to rest (thanks for a great component Kunena). We just didn't see the need since the JComment system functions similarly and is attached to each item. Registration is disabled so no registration or login is needed to post questions and replies, tho' each post will need approval before going public. Not to worry, we are immediately alerted by email per post and all will be tended.

CMSEnergizer.com Mobile Device Adaptability

The website will be mobile device adaptable. We have been researching to determine the best method for device viewport adjustment and finally settled on Adaptive, which is server dependent over Responsive which is client dependent.

We've read and discussed with many developers about the choice and each had their valid points and ultimately it is based on the user's preference. We preferred Adaptive because we can develop and entirely different template for any UserAgent and this provides numerous possibilities for presentation.

Responsive relies on CSS and Javascript to detect screen width and perform the switcheroo but it tends to stick with the same adjustments, place objects vertically with the right floaters fall below the left, which is what you want, but some objects which display on the right we may need it to be at the top when viewed by phone. Being skilled with Boostrap and LESS one could surely write a litany of instructions to achieve this but that is just so labor intensive and we really like simple.

Adaptive allows us make these choices using Joomla's modular assignments. We have created a mobile specific template with  positions only for phones where we will assign modules to show only to mobile users. It turns out (based on another report) that 82% of businesses opt for Adaptive.

What category fits you best?


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