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Latest Article Post Module For Joomla Content

This is the greatest content display module available for Joomla! It will boost your article view hits by 100% and increase search engine rank! Its display functions attract viewers and encourage clicking effortlessly because of its ability to insert any plugin or module desired.

The excellent shortcode layout system makes styling and object arrangement very simple and provides flexibility for alternative displays. Select pre-formatted layouts and reorder to suit, or simple create your own formats. The methods are boundless.

While showing latest article items from a sports category, you can insert a video or photo gallery relative to the category. Similarly you can insert plain text or HTML above, between and below the module with valid and valuable content. To top it all, you can easily display Joomla Custom Fields with field labels and values. With all that ability, the viewer will be curious and excited to click for more, hence increasing your websites search engine score. See it in action.


[tab Features]
  • Show latest article items from one or multiple categories
  • Manually select specific article items from one or multiple categories
  • Sort items: by date, category order, by author, by most viewed, by rating, by tags, ascending, descending, random
  • Include additional modules or plugins to boost clicks.
  • Includes advertising banners after X items to monetize the display
  • Joomla Custom Fields inclusion to show valuable data.
  • Display article intro or fulltext image, or show default image if neither is available
  • Resize image using the selectable range of JImage::SCALE_ functions
  • Display truncated text as intro text from the article
  • Display meta objects, author, published date
  • Simple Shortcode Layout System Add and rearrange each data object with placeholders [title][image][text] etc
  • Preset layout and styling, selectable by drop select field.
  • Item slideshow with side or bottom navigation with item thumbnail image and title
  • Ticker Tape format
  • Virtual Pagination allows display of many items divided into X count per page
  • Category blog emulation to show Lead, Items and title links

Video showcase of the features


[tab Images]


[tab Admin Images]

With this CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin for Joomla Content, a Joomla website owner will be able to Easily format and style Joomla content categories and articles without ever editing any template code. Also insert Video playlist, Audio playlist, Poll, Google map, Chat room, PayPal cart, Social media feed, and Joomla custom fields, while posting an article. Optimize and maximize each article page without moving back and forth between components to prepare content. Insert captivating and relative multi-media objects on-the-fly to keep your viewers hooked.

Get The Extension



[tab Video]

Inserting preset layout shortcode is very simple point and click


With the new Joomla 3.7 Custom Fields and CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin, you can turn your Joomla website into a Real Estate Listing, Business Directory, Events Listing and Ticket Sales, Portfolio, Product Catalog, Video Gallery, Internet Radio with Live Chatroom and just about any website type imaginable. All with ONLY the core Joomla Content Manager component. No need for multiple third party extensions.

See The Complete Demo

[tab Display Results]

Easily re-arrange the data objects of a Joomla article category blog view.

Make each category serve many purposes. All with intuitive shortcodes. It works with ANY template.



Unlimited formatting control with data object shortcodes

Easily arrange an article or category blog globally by placing shortcodes at any position. All meta objects are separated as individual objects that can be placed anywhere. A single post can be loaded with excess media to keep a viewer hooked for hours. See a page already over loaded.


Joomla Custom Fields Global Inserts

When using Joomla custom fields, insert them globally per category with shortcodes: Single field without label [insert field="3"] Multiple fields with labels [insert fields="3,4,5,6"]. This is not the same as inserting into articles with the Joomla content shortcode. While com_fields does have a position option, the CMSE method provides great flexibility.

Use accordion shortcode to reduce visual clutter

Wrap accordion function around single or grouped objects to reduced visual clutter. See the function.

[tab Installation]

When installed

The plugin will add a tab labeled CMSE Fields to the article tab set, a tab labeled CMSE Setup to the content configuration tab set and the menu item setup. Custom content (com_content) template override files will be added into the default front end template override directory. The files have custom name cmse.php so it will not overwrite any existing files.


Plugin Setup

There are some options to be set immediately after installation. Depending on your template or plugins, some functions may already exist.

The option to display the media object in frontend edit relates to public ans special groups. The Super Admin will have access to the fields at any end.



Set the Global Article Configuration

Select the CMSE template for the global article output file.



Menu Item Setting Method

If you prefer to keep your global setting with the default template or another you use, the CMSE article template can be set per menu item. Click the tab labeled CMSE Setup and choose CMSE fro the Article Layout Override field.



Content Configuration



Article Posting



Menu Item


[tab Features]


  • Auto readMore in Category Blog view
  • Show article intro image thumbnail in links view
  • Insert a module per item in category blog (great for banner ads - see the demo)
  • Unlimited category formatting with shortcodes. Arrange data objects as desired
  • Insert Live Chatroom in an article
  • Insert Poll in an article while posting
  • Insert Video Playlist in articles. Supports videos from any video server
  • Insert Audio Playlist from local server or remote streaming source (internet radio)
  • Insert PayPal Cart in articles
  • Insert Google Map in articles
  • Easily embed multiple instances of Twitter and Facebook page feeds
  • Easily embed Twitter and Facebook posts in articles
  • Add Facebook comment or choose from others installed
  • Unlimited page formatting with shortcodes
  • Multiple preset formats to choose from
  • Create preset formats and save to be chosen from the list
  • Lock text area to avoid accidental layout erasing

Text area locked



Minimum Requirement:

Joomla 3.6.x | PHP 5.4.x
Joomla 3.7.x required to use the com_fields integration


The combination of Joomla 3.7 Custom Fields and CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Formatting will make Joomla's core Content Manager serve as:

  • Blog/ News/ Magazine
  • Business Directory
  • Event Listing
  • Models Portfolio Listing
  • Product Catalog
  • Portfolio
  • Real Estate Listing
  • Classified Ads
  • Online Dating
  • Simple Shopping Cart
  • Video Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Audio Gallery
  • Internet Radio
  • and much more, just about any website type you can imagine, the new Joomla will make it happen!

See the site that demonstrates all the features of the plugin and shows how a single article can be overloaded with relative content to keep a viewer locked in. Do everything with just the core Joomla Content Manager and reduce third-party extension clutter and dependency. Stay as close to the core system as possible.

[tab Category Blog View]

Setting Up Menu Item - Category Blog

Choose CMSE Blog as menu type



Setup the page

Open the Blog Layout tab and adjust the settings. The standard settings are at top. The CMSE Custom Formatting is below. Choose from aptly named preset formats and rearrange as desired, or format your own way. The format fields accept plain text and HTML so there is no limit of what can be placed on the category item list page. You can place objects you have only imagined before... and all without editing any file.



Those settings return the category page formatted as below

The shortcode [insert module="167"] represent the Joomla banner module, and when placed within the layout text area, random ads are inserted below each item. Very effective for marketing.


These shortcodes produce the below category layout




Category View In List Format

The Category List option is pretty much obsolete when using this CMSE Custom Fields and Custom Format plugin. To get the list view, simply choose the CMSE Blog, set Lead and it Intro Articles value to 0, then set the Links value as high as desired and use shortcodes to define the output. Now you get more than just the one line title.

This format outputs the second image.


See the page



More Category Layout Examples and Shortcode Methods


Event List


Models List


Realty Listing




[tab Article View]

Single Article Formatting

While still setting up the category menu item and done with category view layout, click the tab labeled CMSE Setup. Again you can simply choose a preset format and modify, or do your own. If you use Boostrap framework, you can use the associated classes: eg pull-right, pull-left, row, col etc. See the demo page showing this format


PayPal Cart Setup

This setting is to set this category to use these PayPal setting for each article post that inserts a cart. However, each article has a means to override the email, just in case that's needed. Note that the global configuration exists so this does not have to be done for each category menu item.



Social Media Page Feed

This will setup a single or multiple instances of social network page feeds.


[tab Shortcodes In Article]

While Posting An Article

The many media objects will almost guarantee viewer retention

See an article using the media objects to sell event tickets

Click the tab labeled CMSE Fields and prepare the media options. The advantage with this method is you don't need to move back and forth between third party components to prepare content then use plugin shortcodes to insert to the article. With CMSE Custom Fields, you easily prepare and insert the objects on the fly.

The video player will accept URLs from any video source that offers video embedding, and that's almost all video server. This mean content is endless so you can make a single article very intriguing to keep the viewer entertained.



Audio Player



PayPal Cart







Chatroom Object

A local AJAX chat application is included with the plugin package and can be enabled simply with the word local. This inserts the chatroom in the article. This is often desired by websites which broadcast internet radio. There is the option to use an external chat server by inserting the URL the service provided.



Google Map

To enable the map function just needs an address



Monday, 13 April 2015 14:17

K2 Content Module Revised




A modified version of the content module for K2, to display article items from K2 component.


  • Lead item to show a large image while the follow items show small images
  • Show intro text on the lead item only
  • Disable link on image and / or title
  • Image cropping to show uniform image sizes
  • Item elements layout re-arrangement using place holders
  • Multiple layout format options with ability to add your own
  • Frontend language fields
  • Multiple date formats plus field for custom locale format
  • Title header tag options
  • Inline styling for every element within an item




Option to display the item image as the default K2 image sizes or to crop images to exact dimensions for uniformed display.




Meta Options


Insert inline CSS per item and item element


Bugs and Changelog

04/18/15 -1.1 Stable

  • Added default image
  • Added 3 layout formats
  • Added inline css option to elements outside the loop

04/13/15 - 1.0BETA

Known Issues

  • Cropped images are not stored in Joomla's core system cache so there is no function to delete unused images. Each change of crop width or height value will create new images within the image source directory (media/k2/items/cache)
  • Innocuous administration area jQuery conflicts within Joomla 2.5
  • The file mod_cmse_k2content/tmpl/styles/preset.txt used to auto-fill the element layout text fields in the admin parameters, is overwritten on each update of the module. This does not affect front end display since the field entries are stored in the database, but can be an annoyance if you have modified the file for your own preset formats.


Lead item with cropped follow images

  • The fastest boys on the track

    The fastest boys on the track

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
  • The wind is blowing west

    The Wind Is Blowing West

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
  • So much more to achieve

    So Much More To Achieve

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…

Lead item with lead text only on display

Lead item with follow items sidebar

Default K2 image size non cropped and links disabled

  • The fastest boys on the track

    The Fastest Boys On The Track

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
  • The wind is blowing west

    The Wind Is Blowing West

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
  • So much more to achieve

    So Much More To Achieve

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…

Alternating image position with custom inline CSS

  • The fastest boys on the track

    The Fastest Boys On The Track

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
    Published: April 14, 2015Written By: CMSEnergizerViews: 5649
  • The wind is blowing west

    The Wind Is Blowing West

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
    Published: April 14, 2015Written By: CMSEnergizerViews: 4999
  • So much more to achieve

    So Much More To Achieve

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean malesuada metus ut magna tristique ut fermentum nulla tempor. Integer fringilla…
    Published: April 14, 2015Written By: CMSEnergizerViews: 4802
  • The Signs Of The Times Are Times Of Signs

    The Signs Of The Times Are Times Of Signs

    Fusce non ante at dolor luctus bibendum. Sed ullamcorper est sit amet nunc venenatis adipiscing. Vivamus ut leo lorem. Phasellus…
    Published: April 16, 2015Written By: CMSEnergizerViews: 4733

Monday, 30 March 2015 02:52

PayPal Donate Plus


Donations are processed securely by PayPal©™

When you click the button you will be transfered to to complete the payment then after successful payment you will be returned to our website.

Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate. There is an option link to use your credit card.

See Option Instruction

donation parameters

Paypal Account Email
Insert your Primary email address that your Paypal account at uses to communicate with you.

Default Donation Amount
This field can be left empty and the user can enter any numerical value. You can enter a single value to display a single text field which can be changed by the user.You can enter an array of numerical values and separate each with a comma which will create a drop list for the user to choose fixed amounts.

Currency Code
Leave empty to use the default US dollar. Enter a single specific ISO currency code to use just that currency. Enter an array of codes to create a drop list so the user can choose a currency. See ISO codes at Wikipedia.

Item Name
This is like a shopping cart item name. Enter a single item such as 'Class Charity Of New York'.

Donation Purpose
This is to give the user a comfort sensation that they are contributing to a specific cause or need. Leave empty, add a single entry or a comma separated array to create a drop list.

Compensation Offer
You can opt to offer a compensation for the donation. Add a single entry or a newline separated array to create a droplist.

Cancel Return URL
This is the page where the user will be sent if they click Cancel and return at the Paypal page.

Success Return URL
This is the page where the user will be sent after a successful payment at Paypal.

Foot Note
Contrary to the label, the entry in this textarea will display at the top of the form so it is most likely a message to encourage the user to donate. So it can be docile as 'please help us build the church' or as aggressive as 'give now or we will burn your house'


This is a template included with the module. It can be selected in the parameters. It serves as a PayPal shopping cart that is convenient for one-click purchases.

Notice: Undefined variable: libpath in /home/cmsenerg/public_html/modules/mod_cmse_donate/tmpl/quickcart.php on line 9

Notice: Undefined variable: libpath in /home/cmsenerg/public_html/modules/mod_cmse_donate/tmpl/quickcart.php on line 10

Notice: Undefined variable: store_items in /home/cmsenerg/public_html/modules/mod_cmse_donate/tmpl/quickcart.php on line 12

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/cmsenerg/public_html/modules/mod_cmse_donate/tmpl/quickcart.php on line 36

The Parameters To Setup The QuickCart


Choose 'quickcart' from the Alternative Layout selection

Set the path to the default image directory where the cart item images will be stored.

Arrange the place holders in the Store Layout field to suit.

Set the Item Width for each cart item

Enter the Store Items using the HTML Markdown method. Each part of a store item must be separated by a vertical bar and each store item must be separated by 3 hyphens. The format must be as the following

Item Name|Price|Image|Description


Striped Shirt|25.66|shirt.jpg|
Get a shirt that fits
Lovely Shorts|5||
New shorts for the active woman

Note that the image is omitted in the second item but the vertical bar is still used. This is required if a description follows. If no description will be written and no image inserted, the last 2 vertical bars are not needed.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 03:00

Basic HTML Tutorial

Image Display

Knowing the path to the image is the important part of this tag

<img src="/images/sports/tennis.jpg" />

Attributes can be added to the tag to manipulate the image display. The following styling attribute will add curved corners, border and padding

<img style="border-radius: 6px; border: 1px solid #333333; padding: 2px;" src="/images/sports/tennis.jpg" />

For compliant presentation, always insert the 'alt' attribute to describe the image primarily to search bots. Example: alt="image of a tennis racket"

Hyper Link

Links allow a website user to navigate to other pages or other sections within the page in view. The following shows linking text or an image

<a href="/next-page">Go to Next Page</a>
<a href="/gallery-view"><img src="/image/spliff.jpg" alt="a big spliff" /></a>


These tags are use to break lines of text or to clear an object such as an image

Single linebreak
<br />
Double linebreak
<p>your text</p>

Bold Text

<strong>This text is bold</strong>



Friday, 20 March 2015 18:24

Audio Streamer

the audio streamer guide is being written

Friday, 20 March 2015 18:22

Live Chat Module

the live chat guide is being written

Friday, 20 March 2015 18:07

Multi-Task Scripter

the scripter guide is being written

Friday, 20 March 2015 18:05

Drop-In Modal Window


The best position to assign the module is one which has no chrome style. Most templates will have a position called 'debug' and that is ideal. If no chromeless position existis, the module will still function, just disable the title.

Box Title

This field simply adds a H3 title above the content area. Leave empty to disable.


Anything can be added as content including, plain text or HTML as the following:

an image
<img src="/images/bigshow.jpg" />
a hyperlink
<a href="/page-here">Get More</a>

You can style the content using CSS as normal or insert style classes included with your site template.

The content field also accepts plugin shortcodes such as

{/loadmodule mod_menu/}
{/module 115/}

Insert A Module

Enable module use then select from the list in the next field

Module Chrome Name

The default is none, which is actually a chrome type included with the core templates/system/html/modules.php function file. Enter any modChrome style included with your template's modules.php override.


If you see modChrome_boxed, enter boxed in the text field

Display Duration

Enter a numerical value which will determine how long, in seconds, the window will be visible.

Height and Width

The unit of measure must be specified as either px, % or auto


  • 600px - will set a fixed dimension regardless of window size
  • 60% - will set an adjustable dimension that will be based on the parent container's dimension
  • auto - will fit and adjust with the parent container's maximum dimension

Note: height dimension may not respond to percentage values.

Styling Adjustment

Click the tab labeled Styling to change colors and other items

Simply click inside a color field to display the color selector.

Round Corners

This field requires only a single numerical value that is measured in pixels (px) and the value will be applied to the four corners of the drop-in modal window. You can get funky with the corner styling by entering four varying values as

60px 10px 40px 20

Because the function expects a single value, it is configured to add the 'px' to the number entered. By leaving the px off the last number, the function will work without error and you will have varying curve sizes.

Leave the field empty to disable corner curves.

Custom Template

Make a copy of the the file at modules/mod_cmse_dropin/tmpl/default.php and place in your template's override directory, or just rename the copy within the module and then select from the Alternative Layout list in the Styling tab.

The coding is mainly CSS and some javascript. View the logic and edit as desired.

There are two javascript declarations with different variables.

var dropinbox1 renders the transparent overlay. There is not much to alter and best left as is

var dropinbox2 renders the content

Saturday, 12 August 2017 05:19

Latest Post Widget


Display latest posts from multiple categories in multiple layout styles and limit display with javascript pseudo pagination.


Install normally using the WordPress Plugin installerActivate the pluginGo to Appearance and add the widget to any sidebarSet the values as desired

To select multiple categories, press and hold Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) key and click each category.

Type the placeholder tag as [title],[image] etc in the field representing the display position that you desire. The positions are all DIV elements with classes that can be styled using CSS.

This image shows the position map.

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