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HTML5 Multimedia Player

  • Version:1.0.8RC | Published: 05-23-2013 03:07:02
  • Compatibility:
  • Status:
  • Rating:
    (2 votes)
  • Downloads: 703
  • Language: English

Other features will be added. See the change log in the Documentation tab.

Back End Documentation

The playlist can be displayed on the right or bottom of the video screen. Will play multiple formats to satisfy all devices. Can source videos from remote locations including CDN


Future functions to be added.

  • Content plugin
  • Audio player/playlist
  • Add ID tag to allow multiple instances on a single page
  • Directory sourcing

Known Issues

  • Major conflict with Joomla core MooTools. Causes display errors in Safari 5.1.7 for Windows
  • Screen overlay DIV blocking click screen to pause play and also blocks click on Youtube overlay ads.



  • Added playlist shuffle


  • Added device detection function to decide which file format to deliver.
  • Added parameter field to insert optional mobile device formatted video file.


  • Added parameter to use an external .TXT file to load a playlist. For those who must have more than 10
  • Added default poster image for entries that may not have an image. You can select your own default image.


  • Added javascript conflict resolver
  • Added autostart and continuos play
  • Added logo overlay parameter
  • Added otion to disable playlist view
  • Added parameter to unpublish each item without deleting the entry.


  • Added parameter for remote poster/thumbnail image URL
  • Added option to show image only and have the title and description display in as ToolTips when the mouse hovers.


  • Added styling parameters to choose jQuery themes. This added some weight to the package but it was neccessary to provide an override option for users with jQueryEasy or Scriptagrator plugin that uses jQuery UI library and when in use it overrides any other extension that sources from the remote library repository.
  • Added theme override parameters for personal styling
  • Added playlist scrollbal (tho it needs some styling)
  • Added more playlist fields total at 12
  • Added playlist image width setting


0 #1 Will it have sorting?Sanchez 2013-05-25 00:09
The player works so far from the tests but I didnt see any mention of sorting. will it be able to do that?
CMS Energizer
0 #2 RE: HTML5 Multimedia PlayerCMS Energizer 2013-05-25 03:28
Quoting Sanchez:
The player works so far from the tests but I didnt see any mention of sorting. will it be able to do that?

Sorting will be available for file listing from directory search by the module but as for a playlist, it will list as you entered each item.

If we make the time to develop a component, playlist sorting would be available then but time does not allow for such work now.
0 #3 Audio?Eric 2013-06-26 10:24
I see the audio list in the demo, looks like it works, but I see no way of implementing that in the mod. I see that it is in future release list, any idea when? thanks
CMS Energizer
0 #4 RE: HTML5 Multimedia PlayerCMS Energizer 2013-06-26 18:43
Quoting Eric:
I see the audio list in the demo, looks like it works, but I see no way of implementing that in the mod. I see that it is in future release list, any idea when? thanks

The audio playlist was added but it had caused some errors which are being tended, so though it is functional here on this page, it is actually coming in via iFrame and the page was core hacked to resolve the errors. It is merely there to show what it will do when done.

There was no estimated time assigned as there was a major project that demanded time and we had to put the player dev on pause.

We will make the effort in the upcoming week to make the audio function a reality.

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