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An Event Countdown Clock

  • Version:1.0.7 | Published: 05-16-2013 22:45:03
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  • Downloads: 884
  • Language: English

The countdown module demo. Multiple instances can be used on a single page. Multiple instances of the module can be used on a single page.

*Updated to work in Internet Explorer


This second instance is using the included Module Insert parameter which is an audio player module

Error: Missing JW Player Object
Back End Documentation

Changes . October 13 2013 . Version 1.0.7

  • Javascript changed
  • Removed time zone param. Now adapts to client time zone
  • Added option to select random background images per page refresh
  • Add fields for text/HTML which can be displayed above or below the counter
  • Added default count end message in the language file. The message can be overridden using the text area param.



The advanced options are only if the module is used when your website is in maintenance mode and the included offline.php override file is inserted to your default template folder.


The display in offline mode. The first image shows the default display then the second shows when the admin login link is clicked to reveal the form.



0 #11 Module Insert ParameterRockape 2014-03-15 01:24
How do you use the Module Insert Parameter with the timer?
0 #12 RE: An Event Countdown ClockCMS Energizer 2014-03-15 02:12
Quoting Rockape:
How do you use the Module Insert Parameter with the timer?

Enter the ID of the module which you want to display. I will assume that you did that. What error are you getting?

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It includes a self closing timer. See the demo

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  • Display an external or internal URL
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  • Published: 05-29-2013
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