When Joomla's updater won't behave, do the manual thing

This manual Joomla update process refers to Joomla 3+


Sometimes the Joomla update component does not complete the process for a variety of reasons, the main one being incomplete file extraction or file overwrite. When it happens, it's time for the manual method. If you have already run the Joomla Update component and now have a broken website, skip to the end of this guide and restore your site with that method. You could do the update process without reverting, but if the problem is caused by an incompatible extension, it will still exist to cause breakage. Reverting just allows admin access to update or disable extensions.

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Manual Update Steps

  1. Update all your extensions. If you have extensions that cannot be updated due to expired subscription or otherwise, disable them and after the update, enable each individually to ensure compatibility.
  2. Make a back up of your existing Joomla website files and folders.
  3. Copy the postupdate.php code written by Joomla lead team developer, Michael Babker, and create a php file named postupdate.php and upload via FTP to your hosting web root to the Joomla /administrator folder.

    The file is already created for easy download here. It is a .zip file so you need to extract it after upload.
  4. Download the Joomla 3.8.1 stable update package - https://downloads.joomla.org/cms/joomla3/3-8-1/joomla_3-8-1-stable-update_package-zip?format=zip
  5. Upload the .zip package via FTP to your hosting root where your Joomla website is installed eg public_html or www or htdocs or any other folder name used by your website host provider.
  6. Extract the .zip package using your web host control panel zip extraction tool. If a message asks to confirm file overwrite, choose YES
  7. Run the postupdate.php file by going to yourdomain.com/administrator/postupdate.php

    Do not close your browser or navigate away from the page during the process. Though it may seem to lag, just be patient and wait for the confirmation message. In some cases based on some earlier Joomla versions, language error message may appear and even a php class missing error may display at the end of the process. Fear not! Just do the next step.
  8. Delete the postupdate.php file when done and go to your admin login.

Restoring your site if update failed

If the process fails (it never does) or you already ran Joomla Update component and your site broke, you can easily restore your site with the back up you made or just download the full package of the version you had before the update effort and upload and unzip/extract the package in the Joomla web root and delete the installation folder after the extraction. https://downloads.joomla.org/cms/joomla3. Restart the process!


A Visual Guide

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