Add live chat to article

Easily add a simple live chatroom to an article with the shortcode as [ chatroom] by selecting the chat system desired.

The simpleChat option uses a simple text file to store the chat session and the user data is stored in the clientside cookie.

The advancedChat requires database tables which are created on first usage. It supports many features such as private chat, user image, HTML input, BBCODE, emojis, user blocking. You may need to periodically purge the database due to load. There is an included button to clear the chat.

Alternatively if you use a hosted chat service such as ChatWing, just enter the URL in the Chat Source field.

The chatroom can be placed in any other extension by using shortcode [ chatroom="45"] where the number is the article ID where the chat was created.

Example Chatroom

Your connection IP:

Create Chatroom In Article

cmselib chatroom method2


Chat Global Configuration

Set banned words and IP addresses via the Joomla Content component configuration view.

cmselib chatroom global config