Add PayPal cart and button anywhere

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The PayPal cart is javascript driven and does not store any data to the database. Its purpose is for simple quick purchases that does not require any data tracking. However PayPal will retain data on transactions and you will receive the standard email notices.

The cart is placed in the article with the shortcode  [ paypalcart] , or if the CMSE Library Joomla article override template system is installed, simply configure the category and place the same shortcode where desired. This will allow immediate display when a PayPal cart is created.

The power of the shortcode system allows placement of a PayPal cart from any article into another, or into any extension which has a text area output. Just use the shortcode with the article ID as [ paypalcart="54"]


Single PayPal button

Easily insert a basic PayPal button anywhere with the shortcode [ paypalbtn email="" label="Buy" price="50" ]

cmselib paypal method