Add slideshow with any data type

Plain ol' image
Use Content Slideshow To Enhance Articles
The slider function will output images, video, of formatted HTML and boost article views by highlighting important and interesting factors. Add links as desired.See All Extensions
Use Content Slideshow To Enhance Articles
Go Roll
Floatin' Around
Easily set the text content as a layer and position it anywhere within the slide container.
Floatin' Around
Just plain text!

Sometimes you may just want to show some text only and format the display with standard HTML.

It's all possible with the intuitive fields

Using the visual editor will make formatting super simple and clear

Just plain text!
Placement Is Simple
The text content can be easily placed on the left or right of an included image, and the background and font colors are easily set as desired.
Placement Is Simple

Easily add slideshow to an article and insert images, video or HTML formatted text. The slide function is swipe capable and mouse draggable.

Insert the slideshow anywhere in the article with the shortcode as [ slideshow], or if using the CMSE Library article template override system, place the shortcode in the category configuration layout field and slides will auto show when created.

Any slideshow created within an article can be displayed in any other extension which output a textarea. Simply place the shortcode with the article ID as [ slideshow="234"]

cmselib slideshow methods


Slide Show Of Related Articles

Easily add list of other Joomla articles by using the shortcode [ article="53" 200] within the text/HTML field, and set the Display Format to Text Box Only. The number 53 is the article ID and the value 200 is the character count limit.

This module is an alternative to the Joomla core Custom Module extension. It functions similarly but includes enhanced features to allow advanced display and javascript behavior. There is also an ...
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Make the most of Joomla's core Protostar template. Style and never worry about overwriting on updates! Style the core Joomla Protostar template without editing any files by using the simple styling ...
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Read images from a directory and insert anywhere with the shortcode

[ slideshow 


Carousel Format

Set the step limit from 1 to infinity. This example has a step limit of 3, which means 3 items are shown per slide.

[ slideshow images="images/demo/slideimg" height="200" format="4" carouselwidth="250" carouselstep="4" carouselspace="5"]

The carousel values are optional. Will default to width 300, steps 3 and spacing 4.


Inline Content Slides

Wrap inline content within any text editor to output a slide show. The shortcode is easily inserted via the CMSE Shortcode dialog window.

[ slideshowinline format="4" height="200"]
[ slide]content here[ /slide]
[ slide]other content here[ /slide]
[ /slideshowinline]

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