CMSE Custom Module

CMSE Custom Module
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This module is an alternative to the Joomla core Custom Module extension. It functions similarly but includes enhanced features to allow advanced display and javascript behavior.

There is also an included random image display function that enables single random image or multiple shuffled images.

CMSE Custom Module Demo

This is the content area and below is a single random image with title, description and link. The styling is defined by the custom css written with the module using the custom css field.

Bugged Out

Some like it buggy

Multiple Random Image Shuffle

This is the content area and below are random images. The styling is defined by the custom css written with the module.

Random Text

The random function is not limited to images. In this display, random text is shown on a transparent colored background, layered on top of images using the CSS custom coding. Ideal for landing pages. HTML coding is supported so any effect can be included. Any creative display can be achieved.

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

Screen Shots

cmse custom module demo


Random Images Method


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