Add alternative social network meta data to K2 posts

The facebook gods (or more like facebook assholes) have removed the ability to alter data scraped from pages, due to abusers who do so to mislead ...

Stay on your marketing program and ignore hate-filled fools

Regardless of the medium one chooses to execute marketing efforts, there will be idiotic hate filled opponents who will spread lies to tear you down. ...

All that free shit tends to be the downfall of many WordPress Sites

Many WordPress 'webmasters' sell their 'clients' on the usage of WordPress because it has much more FREE extensions than any other website management ...

Reset Joomla Super Admin Password Remotely

This form will simplify the process of resetting a Joomla Super User password. When the file is run, it will connect to the Joomla database using the ...

Get K2 Item Elements In RSFormPro Fields

There are very good reasons why one may need to collect data from a K2 page such as Item ID, Page Title, Page Alias, Page URL, Author, blah blah, in ...

When Joomla's updater won't behave, do the manual thing

This manual Joomla update process refers to Joomla 3+ [download]

Don't be so eager to rush into to Joomla core updates

Often times when Joomla releases a new core update, there is some kinda error that just frustrates the shit out of any user. The ideal action is to ...

Block Selected IPs From Specific Pages In Joomla

One may need to block an IP address from all or specific pages for a variety of reasons, not necessarily related to malicious activity. This can be ...

Remove the article ID from Joomla content article URLs when SEF is enabled

If your Joomla site is not equipped with a super SEO app that will strip away that very visible article ID: /34-the-great-article-title-alias, Joomla ...

Add HTML or Plain Text Above And Below Any Module

One would be surprised at the added SEO value derived from even more relative text! That is the forever quest of every website owner, and as such, ...
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