Create custom forms

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Easily add forms to a Joomla article with the intuitive form builder available while creating the article. No need to move back and forth to special components. The form uses Joomla's getMailer() method to process and send form entry as email.

Simply add fields and name as desired. Once the article is saved, the field names will be available as shortcodes to be used in the mail layout. Just click the insert shortcode button and rearrange the placeholders as needed.

Forms from any article can easily be placed into other articles or any extension that has a text are output. Simply enter the shortcode [ form="65"], where the number is the ID of the article where the form was created. You can also dynamically replace the recipient address of an existing form within the shortcode when used in other areas.

[ form="65"]


Construct Forms With Shortcode

You may wish to build a form without creating an article, and that can be done with a shortcode. The field attributes must follow the format field type = field name, field label, 1 . The last attribute determines if the field is required. Values are 1 or 0.

[ form 
button="Send Mail"]

Example Output