JW Simple Image Gallery Pro Pagination Template

JW Simple Image Gallery Pro Pagination Template

Maximize ad impressions to earn more by making Simple Image Galleries display as pagination and force "click through".

Though it may seem tedious to an end user to be clicking through multiple pages to view single images, to the website owner it is money!

This template plugs into the excellent photo gallery extension by Joomla Works and is easily selected from the list of template options in SIG Pro.

The method to insert galleries is the same, just use the template name Paginate


The template works in Joomla articles and K2 items. It has not been tested on other components but is quite likely that it will work since the JPagination class is global. Add title and text per image in the same way as done when adding images via the SIG Pro component.


Advanced Features

A method has been added to allow linking each image to any destination. Simply enter in the text area a shortcode as [link="http://websitedons.com"]