K2 Content Module Revised

K2 Content Module Revised
FrameworkJoomla 3x
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A modified version of the content module for K2, to display article items from K2 component.


  • Lead item to show a large image while the follow items show small images
  • Show intro text on the lead item only
  • Disable link on image and / or title
  • Image cropping to show uniform image sizes
  • Item elements layout re-arrangement using place holders
  • Multiple layout format options with ability to add your own
  • Frontend language fields
  • Multiple date formats plus field for custom locale format
  • Title header tag options
  • Inline styling for every element within an item




Option to display the item image as the default K2 image sizes or to crop images to exact dimensions for uniformed display.




Meta Options


Insert inline CSS per item and item element



04/18/15 -1.1 Stable

  • Added default image
  • Added 3 layout formats
  • Added inline css option to elements outside the loop

04/13/15 - 1.0BETA

Known Issues

  • Cropped images are not stored in Joomla's core system cache so there is no function to delete unused images. Each change of crop width or height value will create new images within the image source directory (media/k2/items/cache)
  • Innocuous administration area jQuery conflicts within Joomla 2.5
  • The file mod_cmse_k2content/tmpl/styles/preset.txt used to auto-fill the element layout text fields in the admin parameters, is overwritten on each update of the module. This does not affect front end display since the field entries are stored in the database, but can be an annoyance if you have modified the file for your own preset formats.
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