This extension requires the commercially sold CMSE Library


This is the greatest content display module available for Joomla! It will boost your article view hits by 100% and increase search engine rank! Its display functions attract viewers and encourage clicking effortlessly because of its ability to insert any plugin or module desired.

The excellent shortcode layout system makes styling and object arrangement very simple and provides flexibility for alternative displays. Select pre-formatted layouts and reorder to suit, or simple create your own formats. The methods are boundless.

While showing latest article items from a sports category, you can insert a video or photo gallery relative to the category. Similarly you can insert plain text or HTML above, between and below the module with valid and valuable content. To top it all, you can easily display Joomla Custom Fields with field labels and values. With all that ability, the viewer will be curious and excited to click for more, hence increasing your websites search engine score. See it in action.



  • Show latest article items from one or multiple categories
  • Manually select specific article items from one or multiple categories
  • Sort items: by date, category order, by author, by most viewed, by rating, by tags, ascending, descending, random
  • Include additional modules or plugins to boost clicks.
  • Includes advertising banners after X items to monetize the display
  • Joomla Custom Fields inclusion to show valuable data.
  • Display article intro or fulltext image, or show default image if neither is available
  • Resize image using the selectable range of JImage::SCALE_ functions
  • Display truncated text as intro text from the article
  • Display meta objects, author, published date
  • Simple Shortcode Layout System Add and rearrange each data object with placeholders

    Latest Article Post Module For Joomla Content

    Latest Article Post Module For Joomla Content
    [text] etc
  • Preset layout and styling, selectable by drop select field.
  • Item slideshow with side or bottom navigation with item thumbnail image and title
  • Ticker Tape format
  • Virtual Pagination allows display of many items divided into X count per page
  • Category blog emulation to show Lead, Items and title links

Video showcase of the features

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