Mosets Tree Auto Add Menu Module For Parent Categories

Mosets Tree Auto Add Menu Module For Parent Categories

Quickly add a Mosets Tree parent category to a menu group when creating the category, or when editing an existing parent category. The purpose is to assign menu items to the parent category so the SEF URL will not include /component/mtree but instead be the category name. (maybe one day Joomla will make it default to the item's alias if no menu item exists)

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The toolbar button only displays when the page task is editcat and no menu item exists for the category being edited.  When a new category is being created, the category must be saved first. Just click the Add Menu Item button and menu item will be created.

Setup and use

  1. Install the module normally
  2. Go to the module manager and change to admin modules
  3. Enable an instance of the module and assign to Menu or Status position

What the module does

  • Create a menu group with the name directorymenu
  • One click assign menu item to Mosets Tree parent category


What the module does NOT do

  • Allow selection of menu group
  • Allow selection of template
  • Allow menu item parameter configuration