RS Form Pro - Joomla Custom Form Builder

RS Form Pro - Joomla Custom Form Builder
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Over 1 million downloads | Over 700 x 5 star reviews


This is truly the best form builder available for Joomla. It is very simple and intuitive, delivers the functionality and valuable data any website owner needs to gather from users. The easy data export will produce multiple formats including CSV, XLSX, XML, ODS, which can be opened by common computer software.


The cost at 19€ (USD $22) is much less than other comparable form builders, and the cost includes the modules and plugins which will enhance the abilities. The other developers tend to nickle and dime you into poverty with separate costs for each extension.


  • Documentation is clearly written and easily understood by the most non-technical user
  • Customer server is top notch.


  • Form builder wizard for easy use
  • Customizable layout and styling
  • Multiple spam prevention mechanisms
  • Ability to run PHP scripts in various trigger points
  • Predefined form layouts and themes
  • Various form publishing options
  • Multi-step form construction
  • AJAX validation
  • Multiple email types
  • Send copies of submissions to multiple email addresses
  • Send copy of submission to user
  • Store submissions to database
  • Display submission in tabular format in administration area
  • Export submissions CSV, XML, XLSX, PDF, ODS
  • Export and import forms
    Allows for easy importing into multiple websites
  • Database mapping
    Allow writing submission data from any field to any database table
  • PayPal payment integration



Download Forms

These are forms which can easily be installed in your RSFormPro component. Once installed you can edit the form properties to suit your needs.

Note: The frontend display will be entirely based on your category settings and CSS coding. The form is purely to facilitate data input.



  • Open the RSFormPro component and go to the Backup/Restore function
  • Click the tab labeled Restore, find the file, click the button labeled Restore
  • Edit the fields to suit your preferences.
    Important: Do not change the field names as they are used for php code identification. You can change the field captions as desired.

Create a testimonial using RSForm Pro and Joomla Content component

  1. Create a Joomla content category titled Testimonies or what ever is suitable. Note the ID of the category to use in the form.
  2. Install the testimonial form
  3. Open the the form in edit view set the file destination path for the field labeled photo, then change the default values for the hidden fields labeled categoryid and authorid. The author id can be any with publishing rights, though much simpler if its your own.
  4. Edit the Joomla content category created for testimonials and add the form to the category description using the plugin shortcode {-rsform 6-}. Be sure to use the correct form ID. Optionally use the RSFormPro module and place it anywhere desired.
    Configure the category menu item
    • show description
    • disable title link
    • hide title if desired
[download 0] [/div]

Event Listing RSFormPro and Joomla Content Component

This form will create Joomla content articles populated with the field entries formatted as an event manager. The article will automatically unpublish on the date of the event as set in the event date field.


The display is dependent of the configuration you apply to the Category Blog settings and your CSS. No styling or formatting are included with the form.

rsform event listing



  1. Create a Joomla Content category for the submitted data, Note the category ID for use in RSFormPro
  2. Edit the installed form to the desired values
    • Set Event Date field output format as desired. The default is Day Month, Date Year (l F, j Y) See the simplified PHP date parameters
    • Set the image fields upload path as desired. The default is images/
    • Set the captcha attributes as desired
    • Required: Change the Default Value of the hidden fields named categoryid and authorid
      rsform events edit authorid
    • View the PHP coding in Form Properties > PHP Script > Script called on form process and edit the HTML as desired, if you need to specifically format the display. Note that formatting can be done with CSS instead.
      rsformpro event list coding
  3. Add menu items to the category and one for the event submission form.
  4. Format the category and page view as desired. Style with CSS.
[download 2]


Download and install the Google Map javascript to enable map rendering for each entry, based on the address fields data. This is a plugin which installs using Joomla extension installer.

google map output

[download 1] [/slide]

Code Snippets

Use these codes to alter the form properties and output

Append text from another field to uploaded file

When users upload files, text from another field, such as name, can be appended to the filename for easy identification.


The below code will grab the text entry from the field named 'title' when the form is submitted, convert the text to all lowercase and replace blank spaces with a hyphen.

A file uploaded with the name book.jpg and the name field submitted is Mark Watson, will store the file as mark-watson-book.jpg


Add the following to the file upload field under the Attributes tab, in the field labeled File Prefix. Note: change ['title'] to the field name desired.

$append = $_POST['form']['title'];
$append = strtolower(preg_replace('/\W/','-',$append));
return $append.'-';

rsformpro file upload attributes

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