Notice Overlay Window

Notice Overlay Window

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Extension Details

Display alerts, advertisements, warnings, cookie policy accept and more with an overlay window that requires user action to close.

There are 2 available modes which can be enable individually or together.

Fullscreen Window: cover the entire browser window and set a content container in the center with any type of media. Set a background color with transparency or opaque. Blur the page images to distort distinction, suitable for adult websites.

Cookie Policy Bar: set a cookie policy bar at the bottom of the browser window and write HTML content as desired, add link to a policy page.

When the close or accept button is clicked, a cookie is set on the user's computer. Each cookie can be set to expire at a given time which will then renew the display of the notice.

Set the module on all or selected pages.






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Thomas Kershaw
It isn't working, I tried different positions, no luck.
Post the URL to your site and we'll take a look at the source code to determine if there is a script conflict.
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