Audio Player Plus - Show Current Host On Air

Audio Player Plus - Show Current Host On Air

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Boost Your Website Visitor Retention With An Internet Radio Player!

This Joomla module will display an audio player and the current show host on air, along with their photo, show title and the host's name. The player can be fixed to the foot of the browser window or display in any position. A playlist can be assigned. Just grab live stream URLs from the list below and make your site a hang out for your visitors.


  • Play local or remote MP3 audio file
  • Play internet radio stream RTMP or MP3
  • Show details of current show host on air
  • Option to remove entire player when now scheduled slot is available
  • Enter multiple audio items to create a playlist
  • Fix the player to the foot of the browser window or place in any position
  • Display date and clock
  • Option to set and enable a popup window to play while browsing
  • Include a live chat room in popup window
  • Include other modules by using [loadmodule] shortcode
  • Styling options to alter the appearance and behavior


Grab internet radio stream Urls and create your playlist


Station NameStream URL
Smooth Jazz NYC
Jazz and Lounge
Big Blue Swing;
Indie Jaz Mix;
Smooth Jazz Florida;
Smooth Jazz Tampa
Smooth Jazz CD101.9 New York;
Smooth Jazz Oasis
Love Radio 93.9


Station NameStream URL
Party Vibe Radio Country;
Heartland Public Radio;
Irish Country Music Radio;
Classic Country 1630;
New Country 93;
Country Radio Switzerland;
Radio Beausejour Inc.;
Nashville FM;
Country Music 24;
98.9FM Country;


Station NameStream URL
Reggae, Roots, Dancehall;
UK Vibes
FM Jamaica Radio
Vybez Nation
Irie Sensation Radio;
UK Radio Online
Black and White Radio
Lion Paw Radio
Flamingo Radio
Rhythm City Radio

Change Log

1.1.1 - 12/20/18

  • Adapt CMSE Library function if installed
  • Additional styling methods

1.0.6 - 10/18/2017

  • Added assets directory to separate scripts from form elements
  • Use single display output file for admin view
  • Activate color styling options

1.0.4 - 10/10/2017

  • Corrected duplicate image display when time slot is used in position display
  • Added CSS to organize the image display when time slot is used in position display.

1.0.2 - 10/2017

  • Added ticker type function for ad banners or text
  • Added tool tip function to display show host big image and show playlist
  • Added various language lines
  • CSS file edits
  • Re order some php methods
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