A better listing module for Mosets Tree

A better listing module for Mosets Tree

See the demo

This will replace the original Mosets Tree listing module to display items with flare and greater visibility.

Easily format the layout in any way you desire, with simple rearrangement of the layout shortcodes

Slideshow with sidebar navigation

Any custom or core field can be inserted in the main slide or the navigation.


Slideshow with bottom navigation


Pagination and Object Inserted

Insert a module, text or HTML at a specific position with a list of items. IE insert after the third item. This will function with any format. Enable Pagination to create multiple pages (virtual) and display the paging links.


Grid Format

When grid is used, each item container will equally to the one with the greatest height.


Lead Item Format

The first item will display a bigger image


Horizontal Scroll

This option is great for mobile devices swipe action



A style applied with a CSS class suffix


Drop Select With jQuery Chosen Plugin

This enables a search function




  • Pagination
  • Slideshow
  • Multiple Slide Themes
  • Multiple Static Themes
  • Flexible Styling
  • Custom CSS
  • Exclude Fields
  • List details text truncate
  • Auto div element height in grid view
  • Horizontal align with horizontal scroll (ideal for mobile devices)
  • Post and Pre text areas (ideal for plain text, HTML of Google adsense)
  • Module insert (ideal for banner ads)
  • Auto insert object after X count items
Default Mosets Module Functions
  • Multiple Categories
  • Field Selection
  • Filter by field
  • Item count
  • Type
  • Page and category assignment
  • Title truncate

See The Demo

Hosting and system requirement

  • PHP 5.6+ (min 5.4)
  • Joomla 3.6+ (min 3.4)
  • Mosets Tree 3.x


Admin options




Included user guide