Avoid Pirated Extensions To Keep Your Joomla Website Safe

Avoid Pirated Extensions To Keep Your Joomla Website Safe

Free copies of Joomla extensions that are normally commercially sold by hard working developers, will always be the weak point of your website.

The people who offer commercial software as *free*, have inserted coding methods which will let the app 'call home' to let the hacker know what sites have installed the malicious scripts, then they use their 'backdoor' key to get onto your hosting server and do damage. Avoid pirated software.

If your website was created by someone, use this checklist to ensure they have not used pirated extensions.

  • Ask for the links to all the sites whose extensions are used at your website.
  • Check all those sites to confirm their legitimacy
  • If an extension is sold by a site, ask the webmaster for a copy of the invoice.
  • Some developer sites offer enterprise packages which allow webmasters to use the app at a fixed number of sites. Confirm if your site has exceeded the count. The script may not be pirated, but you will never be able to update or get security fixes without a license.
  • Check the security status of the third party extensions at the Joomla Vulnerable Extensions List

The title of the post clearly defines the context. Only a fool does not comprehend this post and thinks it relates to extensions distributed free by the developer. Ignore such imbeciles!