Do I need to make my website mobile compatible and is it easy?


Yes it is vital to have your website change its view format based on the UserAgent (device) or screen width, for the same reason people have abandoned their landline phones. Mobility rules!

Your website, if valuable to your viewers, will still be visited by the growing mobile web populous, but once they find a site similar that is conducive to their viewing device, you will surely lose those people.

This relates to sites that have upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5

As for simplicity, it depends on the content quantity of your website and extensions in use. If your website uses the standard Joomla template system, (no third party template framework installed) you can quickly and easily setup an Adaptive system by installing the Simple Mobile Detection plugin from Conflate.nl and use our Mobile template base and after making the module position name changes to match your existing template, your mobile view website will be ready in a few.

Do I Choose Adaptive Or Responsive Web Design?

If your site is new or low on content, you can easily install a template which is developed to be responsive, change the module positions as needed and you are ready for the world within an hour or less. Your images will adjust proportionately and the text will be legible without zooming. Videos may require special attention if the extension powering the videos is not HTML5 ready.

If your site has existed for many years before smartphones and is loaded with thousands of articles and images, or you must retain the current styling of the desktop theme, you will need to do major development to adapt a Bootstrap Responsive framework and that can be quite tedious. The simple option then is to go the Adaptive way. This means having a separate template which is shown only to mobile devices. You can make the new mobile template Responsive so it adapts to screen widths and adjust the formatting as applicable.

The Adaptive web design method uses server side scripting to detect the userAgent and returns a specified template, so you can then create a secondary template which specifically conforms to non-zooming mobile display. Of course you will need a detection script and Joomla 2.5.x - 3.1.x and Wordpress 3.5.x already has that built in.

See: Using Adaptive Mobile Device Detection For Joomla Website



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