Essentials For Your Joomla Website


These are some extensions that have proven very useful and even, arguably, should be a part of the Joomla core system. Some are free and others are sold but it should not matter that you purchase that which is well developed by someone who has the skills and put in the many weeks of work and sometimes even sleepless nights because that one error is on her mind all night. What should be of importance is that it adds valuable functionality to your Joomla system.

AdvancedModules by NoNumber

This is certainly a valuable tool with numerous options to make module display very flexible. While the default Joomla module assignment parameters are good enough for general menu item assignment, AdvModule takes it way further by allowing connections to pages without menu items, specific categories, articles and even registered users.

The most interesting option is that which sets modules to individual templates. So using a specially designed mobile only template, you can assign modules specially formatted for those devices. Wikkid cool! If you do not have a special mobile template, there is a whole selection of useragents which you can easily assign the module so only those viewers using Mac will see, or even to the users of IE, you assign that very special module. It will do much more than mentioned here, including setting for K2, Zoo, Flexi Content, Redshop, Virtuemart, Akeeba and others.

These are all very valuable functions for any website and if you do not have or know of it, go check Peter Van Westen's site and get a copy.

Modules Anywhere by NoNumber

Yet another great extension and quite valuable to an active Joomla website which must have flexibility in display. There are times when the module with some photo thumbnails displayed at the bottom position is needed in the body of an article and there is no way to get it there than with a plugin. If the gallery component only has modules then you are stuck with the format you have.

Peter thought this was holding back his creativity and changed it by making an extension which let you place any module in any text area you desire. It even overrides those components which do not have a setting to allow plugin functions inthe description. You can even place modules within modules. It comes complete with an Editor button extension which you use to easily insert a module. Go see it.

jQuery Easy by Simplify Your Web

This has become integral for Joomla systems. Just about all extensions uses a javascript library and when multiple instances of the same library is loaded there are conflicts with one overriding the other. jQuery Easy plugin from Simplify Your Web resolves this bane.

Of course there are setting which requires some trial and error but it is very intuitive, plus there is well written documentation available.

JCH Optimize by Samuel Marshall

This toolbox is just perfect for the perfectionist who must have absolute optimization. This plugin by Samuel Marshall packs in all your scripts and CSS into a single gzipped file to lessen the load on the client and search engines. It skillfully avoids all or your selected components which may become dysfunctional if its scripts are compressed. You can also move scripts to the bottom of the page to give search engines the valuable stuff first. Note though that some functions need the script library loaded in the header to work so it may not be entirely practical. Just do the trial and error steps.

It is also good to note that it will resolve javascript conflicts so you do not have to use it along with jQueryEasy as listed above but if you do have them both, nothing will crash, it's just best to use one.

Lazy Load by Kubik-Rubik

If you again are into speed loading, this nifty plug will assist. It loads images only when the viewer scrolls to it. Developed by and lauded by many at JED, it has proven very fundamental in Joomla installations.

Limit 500 by

This may not serve most folks but for anyone who has to delete many items, the core Joomla list limit of 100 is not enough and using All will just crash your computer.

This nifty plugin will add a limit of 500 which is just about enough to load safely and no crash and burn occurs. Originally developed to combine with their J2XML migration tool to make migration from J1.5 much faster since one could export greater item count. Well life after transfer proved that it was worthy of retention. It is listed as J1.5 compatible but it does work with J2.5. I have not tested it with J3.0 but will do so soon.

RSFinder by RSJoomla

Yet another tool suitable for large content Joomla sites. It is backend functional and is ideal when needing to find anything from a long list of articles, components, modules, members.

It is Ajax capable so it displays items as you type. Of course page display limit will interfere with the length it will stretch so it is imperative that one has some idea of what one seeks so more letters are entered to narrow the search. So far it has proven invaluable and a must have from the developers at RSJoomla.

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