Focus on content over design and useless time wasting effects

Focus on content over design and useless time wasting effects

The most successful blogs / magazines are the ones that give the viewers what they searched for and not a shit load of data and time wasting visual effects.

List of Non productive and bandwidth wasting effects

  • Content slideshow
  • Parallax
  • Animated responsive sorting
  • Full screen video
  • Animated image window background
  • Video window background

Slideshows are way outdated and have always been useless bandwidth glutton and certainly a search engine's disgust. Idiot website owners tend to fill slide show objects with over 20 items of images and text. Not realizing that it places a huge query payload on the database and therefore burns bandwidth as it downloads all the files. This causes delays and site abandonment.

About 90% of people use a mobile device, primarily a phone, to view websites, and roll-over visual effects do not work on phones, so why waste the time loading those useless javascript and css files! What's that you say, you load different files when a mobile device is detected? Even more stupid! If the mobile user is satisfied with the content and fast load time because you have eliminated the garbage effects, why would the desktop user not be just as satisfied? You have then wasted your time creating essentially 2 different websites for no productive reason. Fuck dat!

These very successful websites use simple design and deliver content without stupid effects

SiteAlexa Rank 91 697 687 1521 1839 1330 2693 4856 3668 9300 23125 137 2504 4804 23138 2121


Let your content be the design of your website.