Hackers should be punished by medieval methods

Hackers should be punished by medieval methods

A few years imprisonment for computer, website or phone hackers is much too gentle and non-rehabilitating. Hackers need to have the fear of death in them by seeing one of their 'colleagues' publicly tortured by 5th century Christian medieval methods, and know that if they are caught, the same punishment will be applied. That would guarantee the end of hacking.

Hacking is the worst kind of crime today. Murder has nothing on it! When a hacker wrecks a business by stealing and distributing secret data, many lives are negatively affected, and the fucking dumbass hacker gets nothing of value from his effort other than getting off on watching those folks suffer.

Even with the best firewall and anti-virus software, a determined hacker may still get through, as proven by the compromise of Sony Pictures in 2014, and many other super corporations who we thought were beyond the reach of hackers. Who knows, maybe the same developers of the security wares are hacking as a means of driving the fear and increasing sales.

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Wow! Those medieval Christians were evil.