How to change the path for Wordpress admin

It is always a concern that someone is trying to get into your CMS admin and it usually is someone who knows about the system you use.

WordPress uses /wp-admin and the more savvy person will use wp-login.php. There is no default lockout after X amount of tries so a person could sit there for weeks trying many common combinations until they get in, especially if they know you and your little secret words.

This plugin will thwart some hackers. It does not affect core files so it will not be overwritten on WP system updates. It creates HTTP_REFERER and uses the path you setup to then allow access to the admin login. It redirects the user to the home page if they try to go directly to the login.

Download the WordPress Secret Admin plugin

See the demo. Try using the default WP admin access and then try with the secret workpath

Note that this is not for websites that allow user login since WordPress uses a single login system that decides user role and redirect accordingly.{jcomments off}

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