How to grab and edit desktop screen shots

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Instructional posts at your tech blog are great but somewhat useless if there are no images to show the steps and results of a process.

All computer devices include software that will capture the screen, but not all screen capture apps provide tools to edit the image, and those that do, usually come with a price tag. No big deal about the fee for well written software, but if there are free scripts that are equally well developed, why not!

One such tool is called GreenShot, and it's great, however it's only available for Windows systems. When installed it appends to the Print Screen key which makes capture quite simple. When the key is pressed the mouse cursor turns into a big plus icon which just a click hold and drag will define the area for capture and immediately return the image in the now opened GreenShot window where loads of image editing tools abound.

It will even take a snapshot of itself. Check this out.



So grab a copy today and start capturing your desktop.