Make the most of K2 content construction kit

Make the most of K2 content construction kit

stacked-k2.jpgThe K2 CCK extension has proven to be very flexible and very scalable and will add great content value to your Joomla website. It's like a CMS within a CMS.

The first advantage over the native Joomla article component is the template ability of K2. There can be multiple reformatted templates per category to handle many different functions and displays.

Each template is very easy to manipulate because of its intuitive coding format. There are clear distinctions of the content blocks in all files so one could easily move the photo gallery block to the top and the voting block to the bottom, and that is just for basic rearrangement.

The real value is in the Extra Fields manipulation. In the default template format, Extra Fields can seem useless as the just gather below the post and hardly serves any purpose, so one may think, why not just stick to Joomla article manager, and one would be correct in such a thought.

However, if each Extra Field is isolated within a K2 category template, powerful and very effective articles can be published.

 See This Fully MultiMedia K2 Post Example which includes;

  • Video single or playlist
    Insert a single video URL and the player will be displayed in the post. The player will accept videos from any source that provides an embed URL. This mean just about every possible video feed including,,, TedTalks,, Enter multiple URLs to automatically create a playlist.
  • Audio player
    Insert just the URL from,, to embed the players they provide. To play local .MP3 files, just enter the relative URL to one or multuple files to create a playlist. It will also accept live stream URL. See it in action
  • Photo gallery
    This is using Simple Image Gallery Pro which functions natively with K2, Simple drag and drop of the images will produce a gallery.
  • Quick PayPal Cart
    Create a buy now button just by entering the item name and price. Multiple items can be addede so a single post can sell many items. A similar method as RokQuickCart but with the ability to now have different pages and categories.
  • Directory List
    Create a business directory that is similar to or Just by creating a category and assign it to the directory template.
  • Event Listing
    Create a list of events that will display the flyer image, event date and even a quickcart to buy tickets immediately. The events are displayed in ascending order by date of the event. Once the date passes, the post is unpublished automatically. Add the event venue address to automatically display a Google map below the post. If the poster wants to be contacted by email. simply insert an email and a contact form will be published with the post. See it in action
  • Google Map
    A map can be displayed on any post simply by adding an address
  • Contact Form
    A standard contact form can be inserted pe rpost just by adding an email address. The form has the basic fields for email, phone, subject and message.

All these functios are created with isolated K2 Extra Fields and specially developed scripts that are reusable. No need for plugins and multiple components to have a super multimedia and super productive website.

These are the Extra Fields

Video Entry

xtrafield video


Audio Insert

extra field audio


Quick Shopping Cart Insert

extra field cart


Directory Listing

extra field directory


Contact Form and Google Map

extra field map email


Using K2, one may not need to use any other components for general content publication. With some basic coding abilities and the K2 Extra Fields and easy template manipulation both on the front and back ends, the possibilities are almost endless. Many script snippets exists that would allow you to create a variety of useful functionality that would enhance a post, without third party dependency.

Some possible Extra Field usage

  • Add a poll per post
  • Portfolio
  • Real Estate Listing
  • Product review


With these productive possibilities, one could create very intriguing articles that have greater chances of going viral throughout the social media hemisphere.