Mosets Tree Directory For Joomla is overpriced and under developed!

Mosets Tree Directory For Joomla is overpriced and under developed!

The Mosets Tree extension for Joomla WAS the solution for listing sites, mostly because the Joomla extension directory used the application, and $119 was nothing to pay. However, several BETTER listing extensions have been developed and they have overrun the antiquated Mosets Tree, and when compared to the $55 RSDirectory from RS Joomla, loaded with valuable functions which Mosets users have requested for years, Mosets Tree is garbage!

RSDirectory is supplied with radius search, something all listing applications should have as a standard function. Then there's the billing system, which is not a requirement, but certainly has been a request by MT users, and developers have tried to fill the need, but many MT users have already abandoned the outdated, bloated and retarded software, as indicated by the outdated list of sites at the MT website users portfolio page. Many have switched to WordPress. Even the Joomla Extension Directory had to abandon the archaic Mosets Tree.

RSDirectory boasts 15,215 downloads (to date of this post). At $55USD, they have earned $836,825, and well worth it. BigUps RS Joomla! Mosets Tree developer does not understand the science of marketing that low price equates to high volume sales, so he maintains a high fee for his defunct software and his sales are probably few. Of course he has not disclosed the numbers, but judging from his scarcely used forum, it's very low.

Daily hacking attempts on Mosets Tree

The other issue with Mosets Tree directory is that it is constantly under hack attack. These are some daily database injection attempts that must be aggressively battled, and the source IP is primarily from China. Coincidentally the software owner is Chinese. Makes you go hmmmm! Variations of this injection attempt was run 182 times in 48 minutes. Evidently being executed by a software.