Skilled coders Rachel Green and Mark Nyon developed the WIKI site that exposes injustice

Skilled coders Rachel Green and Mark Nyon developed the WIKI site that exposes injustice

End Bias Wiki ( is a crowd-sourced wiki site with detailed and factual data about people of color that were killed as a result of brutal police aggression. Its goal is to provide a space where readers can learn more, not just about the initial incident that led to the victim’s death, but also any later activity such as legal action or a department policy change. The hope is that by highlighting these cases it will trigger the needed action to cause change about public safety, criminal justice, and institutional racism.

Quote from mission statement

EBWiki is singularly devoted to providing victims, their families and their communities the tools to end the abuse and indiscriminant killing by the police of African Americans and other people of color. EBWiki's crowdsourced information platform enables families and community organizations to track the progression of current and past cases in real time and to access and share information across geographies.

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About the developers

Rachel Green is a web developer based in Houston, Texas, with experience in building B2B, e-commerce, and enterprise applications. Her skill set includes experience with programming languages, systems, and tooling such as Ruby, Erlang, and AWS.

Mark Nyon is a senior software engineer at 2U, Inc., a global leader in education technology that partners with universities to build, deliver, and support online graduate programs and certificates at scale.

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