Stay on your marketing program and ignore hate-filled fools

Regardless of the medium one chooses to execute marketing efforts, there will be idiotic hate filled opponents who will spread lies to tear you down. Just ignore them! They waste years building up forum post counts in excess of 10,000 (What-tha-fuck?) and live a worthless life, so their envy of your success in an environment where they have failed, is the fuel for their hate and prejudice. Haters are confirmation that you have a very great product!

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When you know that you have a very great product that is in demand, do what ever it takes to make it known to the world. Every place online where mass amounts of people gather, is an opportunity to present your product. Join and take advantage of the free sources. Such places are discussion forums, Facebook groups, Twitter groups and so on. The crowds are huge and the profits are great.

Ignore the very few dumbass haters and focus on the massive silent market.

The people who tend to harass and attack you in forums and groups, without reason, are always few and very loud. They will be the 5' 2", 279lbs unemployable idiots with the vast post counts that they accumulated by hours of slinging insults and hate messages. Just ignore their hate spews and move on, their nonsense has absolutely zero effect on anyone but their very tiny fellow biased and prejudiced group. You will find that their reason for hating you, is solely from ENVY! They hate the fact that they have spent over ten years posting trash at a forum and gained nothing, then you appear and in just a few days have gained numerous new clients. The ones who have been given the glorified, useless and fruitless position of "forum moderator", will abuse that worthless power to express their hate and prejudice and ban anyone they envy, yes their action is SOLELY based in envy. Fear not! When the imbeciles ban you from the forum without any reason, it just serves as confirmation that you are way better than they are, and that you WON! Their silly action just makes you a martyr and will boost your success. You will be surprised how many calls and emails you receive for assistance and paid services.


Don't fear being banned because it cannot stop your effort. Simply create multiple accounts from multiple IP addresses and use them all constantly. The dumb "moderators" AKA haters, will waste time setting up methods to block your efforts, and that just allows you to stay on your goal.

Keep marketing! Keep growing!