Want to remove the Generator meta tag from your Joomla and Wordpress page coding?


Having the generator meta tag will not hurt or benefit your website. It primarily serves the purpose of providing usage statistics for the application developer, especially frameworks like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. It helps developers of these free opensource website systems determine if it is worth their while to maintain development (See the WordPress installation counter which is driven by the generator meta).

That said, some site owners just do not like to have third party notices in their coding and at times would prefer that their competition not know what framework they use.

So if you do wish to remove the Joomla generator meta tag

<meta name="generator" content="Joomla! - Open Source Content Management" />

You only need a simple line of code within the PHP declaration at the top of your template's index.php file that is:


Most templates will have the getDocument() function loaded so the single line of code would be all needed. If after saving your file and loading your webpage you get an error, it means the getDocument() function is not loaded.

You can easily call the function by placing the variable above the earlier code. So your final coding should be as:

<?php defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die;
$document = JFactory::getDocument();

The variable name $document can be called anything you desire. However, if it is not the same as used in your template, an error will occur. The common names are $doc and $document


Remove The Meta Generator Tag In Wordpress

Edit the theme's functions.php file and add the following at the end of the file

remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');



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