Who's Who Using Opensource Content Management Systems


The big dogs in Website Content Management Systems (CMS) are the power behind millions of websites, many which are really just 9 - 5ers trying their hand at web entrepreneurship and was happy to see that the hosting service had a one-click installer and they could start blogging right away.

The real judge of these top CMS, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal tend to be the well known brands who generally overlook 'free' software, thinking that there must be bugs and loopholes, though they are developed by skilled programmers who belong to an elite and disciplined Opensource Community.

These days, big company IT guys have taken notice that Opensource website technology is great and it would do them well to start with a good system and build on it to their desire rather than build from scratch. Generally what they develop over a year ends up being of similar functions so why waste the time?

These systems on their own are quite efficient, stable and secure. It's when third party addons get inserted that you run the risk of breakage. The same goes for Windows and Macintosh. Big organizations realize this so they will use the bare bones systems and develop their own needed extensions and easily install as they go along. This attests to the scalability of Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

The default choice for most users when seeking a Blog, is Wordpress. This is primarily because it is listed as a Blog in web hosting services quick installers while Joomla and Drupal are listed as CMS, and to most 'laypersons', they have no clue what a CMS is so they grab what is understood.

WP has dominated the Blogosphere since its inception and now that developers who just were fed up with installing and maintaining 5 different dynamic applications, photo gallery - shopping cart - forum - music player etc (what a chore that used to be), have created plugins to make it behave as a CMS, long time Bloggers have now become everything but a Blog and big brand companies now see it as worthy.

See this list of some brands using Opensource systems. Note that the list is not to show which system is best. It merely indicates that Opensource applications are quite worthy.

A list of Who's Who using Opensource CMS

  • Linux Software Joomla
  • Billboard Magazine Drupal
  • Examiner Drupal
  • Harvard University Drupal
  • Harvard Graduate School Joomla
  • Harvard Gazzette Wordpress
  • University Of Notre Dame ACE Joomla
  • The Hill Political Report Joomla
  • Essence Magazine Drupal
  • Salon.com Wordpress
  • Egotastic Mens Magazine Wordpress
  • Vibe Magazine Drupal
  • Global Grind Magazine Drupal
  • CBS New York Wordpress VIP
  • MadeMan.com Wordpress
  • National Enquirer Drupal
  • Mother Jones Political Report Drupal
  • Thinkprogress Political Report Wordpress
  • United Nations Brussels Joomla
  • MyDailyMoment.com Family Magazine Joomla
  • The Hollywood Reporter Drupal
  • OnSports.gr Joomla
  • RototomSunsplash.com Joomla
  • Miller Motorsports Park Utah Joomla
  • CNN Blogs Wordpress
  • Whitehouse.gov Drupal
  • OnEarth.org Drupal
  • Comedian Jeff Dunham Drupal
  • New York Post Wordpress VIP
  • Bob Dylan Drupal
  • The Starchild Project Joomla
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Drupal
  • Wired.com Wordpress
  • Data.Gov.uk Drupal
  • Aplus.net Drupal
  • Inside Science Drupal
  • theChive WordPress VIP
  • ServiceMaster Drupal
  • cPanel WordPress
  • TommieCopper compression wear Drupal
  • WorldPay Commercial Payment System Drupal
  • Team Kalitta Pro Drag Racing Joomla
  • IMSA, International Motor Sports Association Drupal
  • Lucas Oil Joomla 3
  • Sydney.com Drupal
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